Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast - 2016 - Framestore - Disney

Modelling of various roofs and buildings. Team effort with Felix Marquis-Poulin, Jean-Philippe Toutant, David Desplat, Duy Tran.

Mrs. Potts body modelling, team effort with Felix Marquis-Poulin for face and blendshapes.

Chip modelling and blendshapes.

Frou Frou modelling and sculpting. Team effort with Han Han Xue & Felix Marquis-Poulin for tassles.

Various living furniture characters during the final castle fight.

Felix arsenault beautyandthebeast2
Felix arsenault beautyandthebeast3
Felix arsenault beautyandthebeast4
Felix arsenault beautyandthebeast5
Felix arsenault beautyandthebeast1